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Dearest Smart Mommies and Daddies..
Alhamdulillah Kineta sudah berjalan kurang lebih 2 tahun ... dengan suka cita dan kasih yang tulus, berupaya memberikan layanan sebagai solusi pintar bagi smart parents tentunya..

Kineta merupakan rental perlengkapan bayi yang berlokasi di Bogor. Namun saat ini, selain memberikan layanan rental perlengkapan bayi, kami juga menjual perlengkapan bayi second dengan kondisi yang baik dan juga menjual ex-gift dengan harga miring. :)

* Rental Perlengkapan Bayi

Menanti sang buah hati merupakan hal yang paling ditunggu-tunggu oleh setiap parents, dan sudah tentu kita ingin memberikan yang terbaik bagi buah hati kita nanti. Dalam merawat sang buah hati, kita memerlukan perlengkapan yang baik dan memadai bagi kenyamanan sang buah hati, sehingga ia dapat tumbuh dan berkembang baik secara psikis dan motorik.

Kami memperkenalkan rental perlengkapan bayi untuk buah hati Anda. Karena saat ini harga-harga perlengkapan bayi cukup mahal dan hanya dipakai dalam periode tertentu saja, serta space yang dibutuhkan untuk penyimpanan memakan tempat, dengan menyewanya merupakan solusi pintar parents untuk buah hati Anda.

Sebagai informasi, barang-barang yang kami sewakan dalam kondisi baik, bersih dan tentunya steril karena kami melakukan sterilisasi khusus sebelum barang akan disewakan. Smart solutions bukan ??

* Jual Second & Ex-Gift
Jika parents bermaksud untuk memiliki barang-barang perlengkapan bayi dengan harga miring, namun masih dengan kondisi layak dan bersih, atau ingin memberikan kado kepada kolega yang sedang melahirkan, kami menyediakan beberapa pilihan yang bisa menjadi smart solutions. Ex Gift yang masih baik dan layak (masih tersegel) bisa jadi alternatif. Tidak perlu khawatir parents..karena barang-barang tersebut berkualitas dan bersih tentunya.

Salam hangat untuk buah hati Anda....

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Safety Products No Parent Should Be Without

Posted by kineta baby's smart solutions at 8:14 AM

Baby Safety Products No Parent Should Be Without by Phoenix Delray

Baby safety products have one job to keep children out of harms way. One of the biggest concerns of parents today with keeping children safe involves germs and keeping them away from their kids as much as possible. This can be difficult to do on occasion, especially when the family is traveling away from home.
Play yards are some of the most convenient pieces of equipment that parents have used for decades to keep their children in a safe play area. Although the children cannot wander off to fall down any stairs or get stuck behind closed doors, the play yards can quickly become loaded with all kinds of dirt and germs just from normal use. Babies drool, they get the sniffles, they spit up, and they love to chew with their little mouths on those side rails. Even parents with the best of intentions armed with the most effective cleaning agents are sometimes no match for those germs. The Pack n Plays are very difficult to clean. Baby safety products must do more than keep children in a confined and safe area, they need to provide them with a clean area as well. One of the best baby safety products today has come from a mother who was tired of fighting the battle of trying to keep her childs playpen clean. She came up with the idea for a playpen slipcover.
The COVERPLAY slipcover fits snugly and easily over a standard Pack n Play. With Velcro ties to secure it at the bottom, the slipcover provides a safe and clean barrier that comes between the child and the germs on the playpen. Other highlights include the fact that these baby safety products are available in more than a dozen different designs, styles, and colors and parents can choose between two different fabrics: a cotton Lycra fabric or a chenille fabric.
These slipcovers have become so popular and have proven to be such a great idea that many large hotel chains have begun making them available for their guests to use during their stays. Some of these hotel companies are Disney, Hyatt, and Club Med, among many others. Even though it is convenient for a hotel to provide a play yard to guests to use for their children, parents are concerned about the cleanliness of them. When a dirty play yard is given to a family to use, the child will of course come in close contact with any germs on it, especially when they pull themselves up to stand and place their mouths right on the side rails. With a COVERPLAY slip cover though, there is a clean barrier to keep those germs away from the child, preventing possible illnesses. Many parents use these baby safety products when they are visiting friends and relatives, when a neighbor or friend borrows their playpen, for use during day care, at the babysitters, and many more places as well. What really makes these baby safety products convenient for the parents is the fact that they are machine washable.

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